European Reformation

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  • Condition of Church- early C16
    • Popes embarrassment to the church.
      • Put beautification of rome and defence of papal states before spiritual duties.
    • issues of high taxes in Germany. Didnt have a strong governemnt.
      • Papal excesses and complaints on papal conduct.
    • Annates: payments ot the Pope: unpopular tax as it was used to glorify Rome rather than upkeep Germany's church.
    • Rome made money from indulgences
    • Selling of offices to raise more money to allow themsleves to continue with lavish lifestyle.
    • Typically Popes had been spanish or italian. Unpopular with Germany- taking advantage.
    • Papacy: arrogant and immoral.
    • Borgias: Alexander VI - ruthless. married off his children with leading Italian dynasties to help his own wealth.
    • All eight members of his family became cardinals during his Ponificate.


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