Condensation polymers and Naturally occuring polymers

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  • Condensation Polymers and Naturally Occurring
    • What are CP
      • contains monomers with different functional groups
      • for each bond that forms a small molecule like water is lost
      • boxes represent carbon chain
    • Difference between AP and CP
      • only one monomer type containing C=C bond
      • 2 monomer types each containing 2 of the same functional groups
      • only one product formed
      • 2 product - polymer and small molecule formed.
      • Carbon- carbon double bond in monomer
      • 2 reactive groups on each monomer.
    • Drawing repeat units
      • pick 2 adjaecent monomers
      • draw brackets around them so the bond passes through each bracket.
      • write letter n on the right to show large number
    • Amino Acids
      • contains amino group NH2 and an acid carboxyl group (COOH)
      • example is glycine
    • Proteins
      • polymers of amino acids
        • called polypeptides via CP
          • amino group reacts with the acid group and water molecule is lost.
        • order of amino acids gives proteins different properties.
      • uses
        • hemoglobin transports oxygen
        • catslysts
        • antibodies
    • DNA
      • 2 polymer chains called nucleotides
        • each contain a small molecule called a base
        • 4 different bases known from A G C T
      • order of bases acts as a code for genes
    • Simple sugars
      • monomer glucose


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