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  • Conclusions and evaluations of Minehead study
    • I found that there was a good cost/benefit ratio with £1 spent fo defences protecting £11 of propery
      • This is above the 1:8 minimum cost to benefit level expected
    • The majority of people (2/3) approved of the defences, feeling they reduced coastal flooding here
      • Some, around 1/3 felt more defences were needed
    • Our bipolar evaluation thought the fences were mostly attractive and fitted into the local landscaped as a positive feature.
    • Overall, the coastal management here sees effective and appropriate
    • I am very confident with my cost/data fir the defences as I measured them and knew their cost per metre
    • I am less confident with my data calculating the value of properties benefitting from defences as I had to approximate values
    • I think I underestimated the benefits due to the problems with recording the property values
    • I am only partially confident with the questionnaire,as the samples were not fully representatigeof a;; key groups
    • To extend the study I would gather data on flood damage before and after the defences
      • I could also gather data on the change in tourist numbers


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