Concerto in D minor mov 1

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  • Concerto in D minor mov. 1
    • Texture
      • Begins unaccompanied
      • 2 part writing
      • Canon, first at the beat, then at the bar
      • Cello solo is homophonic
      • LINK to Vivaldi double cello concerto in D minor
        • Also uses a lot of imitation and canon
        • Begins with just two solo cellos and continuo
    • Structure
      • 2 main sections
      • Begins with 2 violins, then solo cello and continue
    • Rhythm
      • Simple triple time
      • Continuous quavers
      • Begins on the second quaver of the bar
        • LINK to Vivaldi double cello concerto
          • Also has continous quavers
      • Running semiquaver passage in cello
        • LINK to Vivaldi double cello concerto, which also has running semiquaver passages  (e.g. bar 20)
    • Melody
      • Passed between the two violins, then to solo cello
      • Triadic
      • LINK to Presto from Summer by Vivaldi
        • Ascending scalic melody line
      • Scalic
    • Forces
      • Only uses solo instruments and continuo in this mov
        • LINK to second mov of Vivaldi double cello concerto, which also only uses 2 soloists and continuo
      • Unaccompanied into
      • Virtuosic cello part
        • Link to Vivaldi Double cello
    • Harmony and Tonality
      • Circle of 5ths
      • Tonic pedal passed between violins
      • LINK to Vivaldi double cello (in literally ever way)
      • D minor
        • Remains entirely in the tonic key


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