key concepts linking to coasts

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  • Concepts linking to coasts
    • Adaptation- how ecosystems respond, settleback settlements on lowland coasts and preventing vulnerable new development locating on floodplains
    • Causality- torrential rainfall leads to effects eg flooding etc, climate warming means glaciers melting increasing sea levels
    • Equilibrium-    Global climate change stabilising-glaciers, snow and ice etc
    • Feedback- response to changing systems. increased evaporation, colder temps, higher volume of water vapour in the atmosphere
    • Mitigation- less natural hazards on people, investment in sea defences (sea walls, groins) emergency planning
    • Resilience- environmental systems resisting, coping with disturbance, resisting damage, recovering from damage. recovering from natural disasters
    • Risk- outcomes of shock or hazard, natural hazard risks, probability of occurrence, magnitude and vulnerability of the local people, exacerbating  risk of climate change
    • Systems- the ecosystems that live there, different sizes, effects, impacts etc. 'coastal system' open and closed systems
    • Thresholds- 'tipping points' global warming increasing temperature damaging and irreversible consequences, soil erosion etc


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