Computing Hardware Revision

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  • Computing Hardware
    • The CPU
      • The purpose of the CPU is to process data, it is where all the searching, sorting, calculating and decision takes places
      • The Fetch Decode Execute Cycle describes the steps needed for processing to take place
      • Clock Speed and Number of Cores are the two best ways of speeding up the computer,
    • Input and  Output Devices for disabled
      • A Braille keyboard is a keyboard that allows the user to enter instructions in braille
      • An eye typer is a camera focused on the eye and moves the mouse accordingly, clicking is a slow blink
      • Puff **** switch allows the user puff or **** to activate a switch
      • Speakers and microphone can be used to input and output text without looking at/seeing the screen
      • Foot Mouse is the same as a typical mouse but is used by the foot
      • A Braille printer embosses raised dots onto braille paper
    • Binary Logic
      • Logic is generally doing something that will cause a result of true or false that applies known rules to create a logical answer
      • Binary Logic is the same as general logic but applied to the 1 (True) and 0 (False), there are only a few logic operations
        • NOT operation, AND operation, OR operation
      • Binary Data
        • The CPU is made up of millions of switches which can either be on (1) or off (0)
        • There are 8 'bits' in a byte which represents a number up to 255 (e.g. 10011101)
    • Secondary Storage
      • How and where the data is stored depends on: Capacity, Speed, Portability, Durability, Reliability
      • Internal Storage is a storage device within the computer 'case' like the Hard Disk
      • External Storage is a storage device outside the computer case like Portable Hard Disks, USB sticks, DVD's/CD's, Memory Cards


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