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  • System Software
    • Operating systems- (DD,M,F+D,U,P)
      • manage hardware
        • communicate hardware through device drivers
          • Device drivers act as a "translator" for the signals between OS and hardware
        • allows mutitasking
          • can run multiple applications at once, a memory manager allocates apps to different addresses.
        • file and disc management
          • the OS organises files into a hierarchical structure
          • splits the physical disk into storage sectors, keeps track of free space
      • run software
        • provides a user interface
          • allows the user to interact with a computer system
            • GUIs are the most common - useful for everyday users
            • Command Line interface is text based- less resource heavy than GUIs,more efficient and powerful but they are difficult to use
        • platform for different apps to run
          • can be single user or multi-user.user account control, granted access to specific data


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