Computer Systems and Their Reliability

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  • Computer systems and their reliability
    • A System can
      • recieve data
      • store data
      • process data
      • output data
    • A System consists of
      • input devices
      • output devices
      • internal memory
      • processing devices
      • storage devices
      • software which supplies instructions to the processing devices.
    • Reliabilty
      • The probability that a program will produce the correct output
      • Failure of some sytems will result in death or serious damage
        • Called safety critical or life critical
      • Improve reliability
        • clear design
        • designed with  safety and possible failure in mind
        • make testing easy include test plans
        • develeoped according to defined standards
        • testing carried out throughout development
        • maintenamce after system has gone live
        • failsafe mechanisms built in
      • Free of errors
    • Hardware
      • very important
      • Must also be reliable


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