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  • Computer Software
    • Definition
      • (both system and application)
        • give instructions that tells the hardware exactly what tasks are performed and in what order
    • Components
      • Software contains programs that tell the computer what to do
      • Two categories:
        • System Software
          • also known as an Operating System
            • manages the computer
          • It is an essential part
          • Examples:
            • Windows, Linus, MAC OS
        • Application software
          • perform specific tasks
          • Examples:
            • Microsoft Word
            • Internet Explorer
    • Software Programming
      • Software Programming
        • Written in high level language
          • E.G.  C/C++/C# /Java
          • Has to be translated to machine instruction
          • Compilers
            • translate the high level language to machine code
        • Before high level language
          • Used assembly code
            • assembly code corresponds to machine instruction
              • which is binary code with info. of operation, operand and addressing mode
            • To write assembly code :
              • programmer needs to know how many register there is in the CPU + memory space + detailed data structured manipulated in the machine


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