Computer Aid

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  • Computer aid
    • Positives
      • Healthcare
        • Improved healthcare knowledge from higher doctors by contacting them over internet. e.g Skype
        • Ordering drugs over the internet and search for up to date treatment advise
      • Schools
        • Students have better education with IT knowledge, have ability for higher paid jobs
      • Farming
        • Farmers can search which is the bet crop to grow for biggest profit.
        • Can explore new farming techniques
      • Disabled people
        • The computers have functions which help them learn to be able to get a job
    • Negatives
      • Cost of transporting the equipment over to the countries
      • Software may be unreliable and incompatble
      • Need space to dump the computers after
      • People will have to pay high amouts of money to use the computer otherwise the country will not develop
    • Background
      • Countries manly in Africa who have no communication to the ouside world
      • Giving a computer to a charity which sends it off to be used in LEDC countries
    • Sustainability
      • More educated people
      • IT knowledge helping development
      • Passing on knowledge
      • When broken they won't know how to fix them and throw them away
      • Need a lot of equipment to make difference
      • Transporting it over


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