Computer Science Due 03/03/20

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  • Topics for Improvement
    • Von Neuman Architecture
      • Registers
        • Memory Data Register (MDR)
        • Memory Address Register (MAR) - Hods the address of the memory location currently being read or written to.
        • Program Counter - Holds the address of the next instruction to be fetched
        • Accumulator (ACC) - Stores the results of calculations ALU
    • Utility Programs
      • Encryption Software
        • The scrambling of data into a form that unauthorised users cannot understand. Decryption is performed using a key given to the designated receiver of information.
      • Data Compression software
        • Reduces the size of files.
        • Lossy Compression
          • Reduces the size of data by deleting some of said data.
        • Lossless Compression
          • Reduces size without loss of any data.
      • Defragmentation software
        • Re-organises files by putting related peices of data back together, so few disc accesses are required. Improves performance and free disc space
      • Backup
        • Copying files to a secondary storage, such as a disc or cloud service.
        • Full Backup
          • All of the specified data is backed up
        • Incremental Backup
          • Untitled
      • A collection of tools which do specific jobs. Helps configuration, analysis ond optimisation of the system.
    • Legal Issues
      • The law gives rules that computer users are required to follow so that computers are not misused
      • These laws can vary from country to country
      • It is illegal to not follow these laws. Otherwise they will likely face prosecution
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