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  • Compression
    • Compress files
      • Data compression is when we make files smaller
      • Uses
        • Take up less storage space on a device
        • Take up less bandwidth
        • Allows web pages to load more quickly
    • Lossy and lossless
      • Lossy compression
        • Works by permanently removing data from the file
      • Lossless compression
        • Makes the file smaller by temporarily removing data to store the file and then restores it to its original state when opened
      • Lossy pros
        • Greatly reduced file size
        • Lossy files take up less bandwidth so can be downloaded
        • Commonly used
      • Lossy cons
        • Lossy compression loses data
        • Lossy compression can't be used on text or software files
        • Lossy files are worse quality
      • Lossless cons
        • Only a slight reduction in file size
    • Lossless pros
      • Data is only removed temporarily so there is no reduction in quality
      • Lossless files can be decompressed





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