Components of fitness

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  • Components of fitness
    • Muscular  Endurance
      • Definition: The ability to move your body and muscles repeatedly without fatiguing.
      • Example: Tennis
      • Fitness tests: minute sit up test and minute press up test.
    • Reaction Time
      • Definition: The time between the presentation of a  Stimulas and movement.
      • Example: Tennis
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    • Agility
      • Definition: The ability to change direction at speed.
      • Example: Netball
      • Fitness test: Illinois agility test
    • Cardiovascular endurance and stamina
      • Definition: The ability of the heart and circulatory system to meet demands of the body for a long period on time.
      • Example: marathon runner
      • Tests: multi stage fitness test and 12 minute cooper run
    • Speed
      • Definition: The ability to move quickly across ground, or move limbs rapidly through movements.
      • Example: Cricket
      • Fitness test: 30m sprint test
    • Flexibilty
      • Example: Hockey
      • Fitness Tests: The sit reach test
      • Definition: The range of movement around a joint.
    • Power
      • Example: Football
      • Definition: Power is a combination of strength and speed.
      • Fitness tests: Verticle Jump and standing jump test.
    • Strength
      • Example: Rugby
      • fitness tests: one rep max test and hand grip dynamometer
      • Definition: a sports person uses different types of strength depending on type of action required.
      • Types of strength: maximum strength, Explosive strength and static strength.
    • Coordination
      • Definition: The ability to move two or more body parts at the same time.
      • Example: Basketball
      • Fitness test: Wall throw test
    • Balance
      • Definition: The ability of the performer  to retain their centre of mass over their of support without falling.
      • Example: Discus thrower
      • Fitness test: standing stork test


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