GCSE PE Theory: Components of Fitness

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  • Components of Fitness
    • Health Related
      • muscular endurance
        • being able to  exert force with a muscle for an exerted time period
      • muscular strength
        • being able to exert maximum force in a single motion
      • flexibility
        • being able to move a joint or muscle to its full range of motion
      • cardio-vascular endurance
        • the ability to deliver oxygen to working muscles
      • body compostion
        • the proportion of muscle to fat in the body
    • Skill Related
      • power
        • being able to do a movement with strength and speed
      • speed
        • being able to do something in a brief amount of time
      • agility
        • being able the change direction quickly
      • balance
        • being able to remain in unstable positions without falling
      • co-ordination
        • being able to move multiple parts of the body at once.
      • reaction time
        • being able to respond to stimuli quickly


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