P.E components of fitness

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  • Components of fitness
    • Health related
      • Cardiovascular
        • Most important aspect of health related exercise. Used in rugby, Football, running
      • Muscular strength
        • Important when a great force is required e.g. lifting heavy weights
          • weight lifter
      • Muscular endurance
        • Allows muscles to be used repeatedly without getting tired
          • Rugby player
      • Flexibility
        • means that a performer has a good range of movement in their joints
          • Gymnast
      • body composition
        • Having the best body composition for your sport,
          • Body types
            • Mesomorph
              • Large shoulders, large waist, large fat mass, low muscle content
                • Sumo wrestler, Prop in Rugby
            • Metromorph
              • Large shoulders, narrow waist, low body fat, high muscle content
                • Sprinters, Back row in rugby
            • endomorph
              • Narrow shoulders, narrow waist, low body fat, low muscle content
                • High jumper, long distance runner
    • Skill related
      • Agility
        • Changes direction effectively at speed
          • rugby player or footballer
      • Balance
        • Can be static or dynamic. the ability to control the body under high pressure
          • show jumper
      • Co-ordination
        • At least two body parts working together effectively
          • tennis player
      • Power
        • A large force exerted over a small amount of time
          • weight lifter
      • Reaction time
        • the time take body to react to a stimulus
          • 100m sprinter on starting gun
      • Speed
        • The pace that the body moves at
          • 100m or 200m sprinter


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