Components of fitness

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  • components of fitness
    • Strength
      • Dynamic: The strenght someone needs to support their body weight for a prolonged time or apply a force against object
      • Explosive: Strength used in one short, sharp, burst or movement
      • Static: Greatest amount of strength applied to an immovable object
      • Test: Hand Grip Dynamometer
    • Speed
      • Combination of reaction time and movement time
      • You can improve it by improving strength but some factors are inherent-fast twitch fibres
    • Power
      • Maximum amount of speed and strength
      • Can be improved through strength training
      • Test: Standing broad jump and vertical jump
    • Cardiovascular endurance
      • Can be improved through training
      • Test: Bleep test
    • Flexibility-the range of movement around a joint
      • Increased flexibilty can:
        • Make a performance more effective and efficient
        • Reduce the chances of injury
        • Improve posture
      • Test: sit and reach
    • Skill-related factors of fitness
      • Agility
        • Combination of flexibily and speed and the ability to quickly change direction
        • Test: Illinois agility test
      • Balance
        • To maintain a given posture in static and dynamic situations and to be able to stay level and stable
        • Test: Stork stand
      • Co-Ordination
        • The ability to link all parts of movement into one efficient movement and the ability to control the body during physical activity
        • Test: Alternate hand throw
      • Reaction time
        • Time taken for the body to respond to a stimulus
          • Simple reaction time-reacting to something as it happens
          • Choice reaction time-when you choose when to react
        • Test: ruler drop test
      • Timing
        • The ability to coincide movements in relation to external factors


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