Comparitive politics - Democracy

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  • The concept of democracy
    • Quotes
      • ‘Democracy is the worst form of government except all the other forms that have been tried from time to time’ (Winston Churchill)
      • 'Democracy is the government of the people, by the people, for the people' - Abraham Lincoln
      • 'Democracy is perhaps the most promiscuous word in the world of public affairs' - Bernard Crick
    • Etymology
      • Demokratia - Ancient Greek
      • Demos - The people
      • Kratos - To rule/ Govern
    • Forms of democracy
      • Direct - Essentially Athenian styled self-government - Discussion and compromise within the demos.
        • Deliberative - Modern version of Direct Democracy, i.e. Citizens Assemblies etc.
      • Representative, based on the election of representatives - E.g. Westminster system.
      • Illiberal/defective - Democratic elements such as elections but important elements such as the rule of law are missing.
    • The Quality of Democracy
      • Comparing Democracy with other types of regime
      • Comparing different degrees of democracy
        • Features
          • Comparing Democracy with other types of regime
          • Freedom of Multiple parties and candidates to campaign
          • Opposition access to mass media and campaign finance
          • Inclusiveness of suffrage
          • Fariness and neutrality of electoral administration
          • Civil liberties, protected by rule of law.
          • Control of Corruption
      • Majoritarian Model, According to Lijphart
        • Executive dominates legislature
        • Two Party system
        • Majoritarian electoral system
        • Centralised and unitary government
        • Unicameral
        • Flexible and easily amended constitution
      • Consensus model according to Lijphart
        • Exectutive power sharing in broad multiparty coalitions.
        • Proportional representation electoral systems.
        • Federal and de-centralised government
        • Balance of power between executive and legislature.
        • Constitutions are rigid and difficult to amend
        • Multiparty Systems


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