Comparison of Approaches - Reductionism

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  • Comparison of Approaches: Reductionism
    • Refers to the belief that human behaviour can be most effectively explained by breaking into points. Opposing view - holism.
    • Reductionist is the biological approach in the way that it explains human behaviour and psychological states at the level of the gene or neuron.
    • Cognitive approach - accused of machine reductionism, presents people as info processing systems and ignoring the influence of emotion on behaviour.
    • Humanistic - formulates holistic app to understanding human behaviour. Involves investigating all aspects of the individual, including effects of interaction with others and society.
  • Psycho Dynamic - reduces much of our behaviour to the influence of sexual drives and biological instincts, although Freud's argument that personality is a dynamic interaction between the 3 parts of the personality is viewed as holistic.
  • SLTheorists reduce complex learning to a handful of key processes though they do at least place emphasis on cog factors that mediate learning and how these interact with external influences.


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