Comparison of Approaches - Determinism

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  • Comparison of Approaches: Determinism
    • Proposes that all behaviour has an internal or external cause and thus predictable.
    • Boxes in red = HARD determinism.
  • Behaviourist - behaviour is environmentally determined by external forces we cannot control.
  • Biological - advocates a form of genetic determinism in its assumption that much of our behaviour is directed by innate influences.
  • Psycho Dynamic - psychic determinism is a key feature as we cannot know the unconscious forces that drive our behaviour and these are simply reationalised by our conscious minds.
  • Cognitive - suggests we are the choosers of our own thoughts and behaviours. But these choices only operate within limits of what we know/experienced.
  • Humanistic - humans have free will and operate as active agents.
  • Boxes in grey = SOFT determinism.


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