G4 question- Compare levels of food and water consumption in different parts of the world

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  • Compare levels of food and water consumption in different parts of the world
    • USA-They have the highest food intake/daily calorie consumption per person- 3770
      • This is most likely due to their high GDP because they can afford the technology and enjoy having a varied diet and can afford to eat they food that they want.
        • USA also have the highest meat consumption and this is because they can afford to eat it and portion sizes are a lot bigger. Nowadays, more people are becoming meat lovers.
      • They also have a high water consumption and although some areas have physical water scarcity, they can afford to import it.
    • India,Bihar- when they have rainfall(about twice a year) they get a lot of water which they cant afford to store- this leads to all sorts of problems such a soil erosion. This also means that most of the time, they have the problem of drought.
      • They have lack of water availability and they find it hard to grow crops- this effects their food production.
      • India have quite a fairly average calorie intake(2300) although it is low compared to the USA. A large percent of India's population work in agriculture so a lot of the food they eat is wheat and rice etc.
        • They have one of the lowest results for meat consumption. 1) this is because of religious reasons and 2) they don't have access to enough water to produce the meat, which is rather a lot.


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