Explore Women's experience in suffering in A Thousand Splendid Suns & Wuthering Heights.

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  • Compare the ways in which the writers of your two chosen texts present women's experience of suffering.
    • Both novels present love or the lack of it as a driving force of suffering.
      • In A Thousand Splendid Suns: Mariam is rejected and hidden away from society by her father, Jalil, because she is a 'harami'
        • The lack of love Mariam receives highlights the tragic nature of the character as throughout the novel she carries this emptiness in which her rejection has affected her.
      • In Wuthering Heights Catherine suffers the consequences of not following her heart when she decides to marry Edgar for conventional reasons.
        • Catherine decides her fate by marrying Edgar making it even more tragic as she sacrifices her own desires and love in order to develop her wealth and status.
    • Women characters within both novels are exposed to violence in which forces them to remain.
      • Miriam tries to escape from Rasheed with Lalia and Aziza without a male companion which results in the imprisonment of Mariam and the extreme violence and starvation of Lalia and Aziza.
        • Women were forbidden under the Afghanistan rules to travel alone without the company of a male companion. Women were physically oppressed and had to be obdeiant to the rules as they are beaten in the streets.
        • Similarly, Lalia is publicly beaten in the streets when she tries to visit Aziza in the Orphanage.
          • This was the consequence of her love, as she was willing to be beaten for her love for Aziza as she suffers not only the loss of her daughter but also has to suffer violent abuse because of this.
      • Isabella is entapped within the Heights when she is married and suffers abuse from Heathcliff
        • Similarly, young Cathy is threatened and intimated alongside Nelly when kept at the Heights and forced to marry Linton.
    • Women in both novels suffer because of the rules within society.
      • Catherine suffers because of society deeming marrying below class unacceptable.
        • Victorian society values suggested that marrying for money, wealth and status; these qualities were deemed as more important deciding factors.
      • Due to sthe Afghan society most of the feamle characters uffer due to having a much harsher strict rules set in place to follow which prevented any movement for them within societies circle.
        • The Shira rules
        • Miriam is executed for killing Rasheed despite it being self defense
          • Mariam suffers the consequences of her actions. However this suffering arguably gives her a freedom from this suffering.


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