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  • Company identity: High Lights
    • Based in
      • England
        • Modern western design
      • America
        • Modern western design
      • Pakistan
        • where salt lamps are mined
        • Company will be more based on the idea of the product being sold at gift shops
          • Target audience would be tourists
    • Target audience
      • Families
        • Clean modern design
        • Child friendly
          • Not too many small parts
      • Millennials
      • Upper class
        • Luxury
          • Sophisticated packaging and design
            • Clean modern design
            • Box or large tube?
        • Antique
          • Gold accents
            • Luxury
              • Sophisticated packaging and design
                • Box or large tube?
    • Special attraction/ feature
      • Uses energy saving bulbs
      • intuitive design
        • Touch sensor?
        • Voice control?
        • Reacts to the lighting of the surrounding area
      • Design of the salt lamp can be customised?
        • Customer can choose what colour they want the lamp to glow or what shape they want the lamp to be carved into
          • Can make a good gift for a child
      • Night light edition for children
        • There's a lamp for everyone in the family
    • Materials used
      • Biodegradable plastic wrap
      • Onyx crystal base
      • Packaging is made of 100% recycled materials


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