Como Agua Para Chocolate: Esperanza Character Analysis

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  • Esperanza
    • General Information
      • Daughter of Pedro and Rosaura
      • Spends a lot of time with Tita in the kitchen
      • Marries Alex Brown
    • Significance for Tita
      • Like a daughter
        • "Que orgullosa se sentía de ver Esperanza tan segura de sí misma" - cp. 12
      • Represents innocence
        • "De los pañales, ninguno" - cp. ?
      • Tita lives vicariously through her, trying to gain for her the life she herself never had
    • Victim
      • Forbidden by mum to marry
        • "la cruél tradición" - cp. 8
      • Woman in patriarchal society
      • All the important people in her life die
    • Power
      • Marries Alex Brown
      • Breaks the cycle of her family
      • Gains a proper education
        • "asistió a la mejora escuela, con el objeto de pulir su intelecto." - cp. 12


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