Community Sentence requirement

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  • 8`% of all sentences in 2017 were Community sentences they combine punishment with one or more of 13 requirements:
    • Unpaid work for up to 300 hours
    • Rehabilitation activity requirement (RAR)
    • Undertaking a particular program to help challenge offending behaviour.
    • Adhering to a curfew
    • An exclusion  requirement, offender is required to be in a particular place at a certain time.
    • A residential requirement- offender has to live at a certain address.
    • Foreign travel prohibition.
    • Mental health treatment with offenders consent
    • Drug rehab with offenders consent
    • An alcohol treatment requirement with the offenders consent.
    • Alcohol abstinence and monitoring requirement with the offenders consent
    • Offenders under 25 may be required to go to a centre  at specific times during their sentence


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