Communist Survival

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  • Communist Survival
    • The Jiangxi Soviet 1928-1934
    • The Futian Incident 1930
      • two month purge of Res army
        • Execution/torture of 3000 officers and men
    • The Encirclement Campaign 1929-1934
      • Surrounding and squeezing CCP into small area and bombing and opening fire on them and blocking waterways
      • Mao new staying at Jiangxi would be suicidal only option to escape
    • The Long March 1934-1935
      • From Jiangxi to Yunan took a year
      • 15 pitched battles against GMD
      • Over 60 towns and cities where occupied
      • out of 100,000 who set out only 20,000 survived
      • Created brotherhood among men
      • The Zunyi meeting 1935
        • Argument with Maos rivals about which route to take
          • He chose the right route combined with his relationship with the peasants and beliefs in rural  rather than urban china saw him become leading figure
      • Legend of communist heroism


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