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  • Communication
    • Why is communication important?
      • So information can be given clearly and simply ensuring the reciever has understood the message
    • Describe the process of communication?
      • Sender->reciever
    • What is the difference between formal and informal?
      • Informal communication is communication  through telephone conversations,emails,text messages
      • Formal communication is when information needs to be formally recorded this includes invoices,minutes of meetings,audit reports and legan documents
    • Difference between urgent and non-urgen communication?
      • Urgent means that the information or data recieved requires immediate attention.
      • Non urgent communication might be communication just for information rather than action
    • Benefits and drawbacks of oral communication
      • Oral communication is immediate
        • Instant feedback can be given
          • Sender and reciever mi8ght speak different languages making it difficult
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    • Barriers to communication
      • Noise
        • Languages
          • Personal relationships
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