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  • Communication
    • Interruptions
      • Establishes sense of conflict. Reflects power struggle
        • Both try to dominate convos and impose their own perspective on the other
      • Telephone interruptions
        • Telephone = greek chorus OLEANNA AS A TRAGEDY?
    • Filled and unfilled pauses (ellipsis)
      • Sometimes filled with utterances eg "um" or "err"
        • Typical of coversation and contribute to sense of realism.
        • Reflect struggle to find the right words, highlighting problems with understanding
    • Turn-taking
      • The person with extended turns is often in the poisition of power and authority or dominance
        • GRICE'S MAXIMS
    • Volcabulary
      • Often lead to confusion and misinterpretation
        • Mamet explores the concept of elitist language being a barrier to understanding for less privelaged
        • eg. Johns use of verbose, complex academic language to display power and authority over carol
    • Implied meaning
      • Consequences of when characters say something implicitly as well as explicitly
        • Issue of sexism relevant here - Carol's lack of confidence representative of women @ time
          • MINIMAL SET - conflicting opinions


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