Computer systems communication

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  • Communication
    • Components
      • Computers connected to other computer/servers
      • Computers were together: Must communicate
        • Requires software + hardware
      • A network card used to connect an individual computer to a network
        • Through either wire/wirelessconnection
      • Communication protocol
        • Software that has a policy for the implementation of communication
    • Networking
      • Famous network
        • The Internet
          • a global system of interconnected computer networks
          • using the standard TCP/IP communication protocol
          • to serve several billion users worldwide.
          • basic infrastructure to support WWW (world wide web)
            • and various communications, such as email, peer-to-peer networks, etc.
          • Application software has developed e.g online shopping
      • Various Networks
        • WAN
          • Wireless area network
        • LAN
          • Local Area network
      • What to consider?
        • topology
          • How to connect individual computers
        • protocol
          • How to communicate among computers
    • Interconnectd systems
      • Makes up a computer network


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