Ch.37 - Communication Basics

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  • Communication Basics
    • Serial and parallel transmission
      • Serial - One wire: cheaper, but slower as send one bit at a time
      • Parallel - multiple wires so send multiple bits simultaneously.  More expensive to produce the cables
    • Bandwidth
      • Capacity of the channel (Hz - cycles per second), the range of frequencies the channel uses (upper frequency - lower frequency)
    • Bit Rate
      • Rate at which data is transmittted (bits/second), limited by bandwidth.
    • Baud Rate
      • 1 baud = 1 electronic state change per second
    • Latency
      • Time delay for response to instruction, due to the time taken to be transmitted.
        • Propagation Latency
        • Transmission Latency
        • Processing Latency
    • Synchronous and asynchronous data transmission
      • Asynchronous uses start and stop bits
      • Untitled
    • Protocols
      • TCP/IP
      • HTTP
      • FTP


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