Communicable diseases; Bacteria and Viruses

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  • Communicable diseases
    • Bacteria
      • Small cells
      • Reproduce rapidly inside your body
      • They produce toxins that damage your cells and tissue which make you feel ill
      • Bacteria diseases
        • Salmonella
          • Causes food poisoning
          • Symptoms
            • Fever
            • Stomach cramps
            • Vomiting
            • Diarrhoea
          • Caused by eating food that has been contaminated with the bacteria or been prepared in unhygienic conditions
        • Gonorrhoea
          • Secually transmitted disease
          • Symptoms
            • Pain when they urinate
            • Yellow/green discharge
          • Treated using antibiotics
          • To prevent it we use barrier methods of contraception
    • Viruses
      • Not cells
      • Replicate themselves using the cells machinery to produce copies of themselves
        • Cell will burst and release the viruses
          • Cell damage makes you ill
      • Reproduce rapidly and live inside your cells
      • Viral diseases
        • Measles
          • Spread by droplets from an infected person's cough or sneeze
          • Symptoms
            • Red skin rash
            • Fever
          • It could lead to pneumonia or encephalitis
          • Vaccinations decrease the spread of measles
        • HIV
          • Spread by sexual contact or by exchaning bodily fluids
          • Symptoms
            • Intially causes flu-like symptoms
            • No symptoms for several years
          • Controlled with antiretoviral drugs
          • Virus attacks immune cells
            • If the immune system is badly damaged, it can't cope with other infections
        • Tobacco mosaic virus
          • Affects many species of plants
          • Symptoms
            • Mosaic pattern on leaves
            • Leaves are left discoloured
              • Can't carry out photosynthesis and affects growth


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