Common Sense impact

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  • Common Sense published in 1776
    • Gained a lot of support from 'common' colonists.
      • Gave the continental army an ideology to fight for, improving morale during the war.
      • Articulated commonly held ideas in clear language that everyone could understand.
      • Proposed questions that seemed to be common sense. E.g. why should an island like England rule a huge country like America?
    • Many amongst the revolutionary leaders saw it as TOO radical.
      • Paine's language was seen as inflammatory and damaging to the work of the continental congress.
      • Paine advocated the demolition of the government and the establishment of a true democracy - something most weren't keen on.
    • Paine's common sense brought huge numbers of colonists into the war on the radicals side, many had their minds made up by his clear message.


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