Fihsing and Forests

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  • common fisheries policy and sustainable forestry
    • common fisheries policy
      • facts
        • located in the north sea EU waters
        • aim is to make resource sustainable
        • needed as overfishing
        • needed as new technology is being used such as *****-mines
        • needed as dmaged or low value fish are thrown away
        • EU treaty gave EU fishermen equal access to members state waters
      • method
        • 1983 policy set up
        • 1992 and 2003 reformed
        • fixed quotas of allowable catches based on fish stocks - minimum mesh size
        • inspectorate set up to enforce rules and fines
        • conservation of certain stocks and closure of some areas to aid recovery
        • banning some types of fishing and promoting environmentally friendly types
        • agreements with non-EU countries about responsible fishing
        • reducing capacity by scrapping old boats
        • protecting non-target species Eg birds and turtles
      • impact
        • loss of jobs in smaller ports
        • fishermen see quotas too tough and dump illegal catches
        • scientests dont think quotas are tough enough
        • loss of local fishing culture
        • friction with non-EU fishermen
        • expansion of fish farming
        • rising price of fish and use of wider variety
        • countries disagree over shares
    • sustainable forestry
      • facts
        • takes place in bolivia
        • makes resource sustainable
        • dominated by a few TNC's
        • needed due to unsustainable exploitation of a few species
        • needed to expand exports
        • needed as TNC's damage water supplies and the lives of indigenous forest dwellers
      • method
        • 1993 BOLFOR (bolivian forestry project) projects launched with USAID
        • 1996 forestry law set up monitoring scheme
        • comp[anies that meet standards of the forest stewardship council FSC are exempted from monitoring
        • negotiated preflfered status with ethical retailers such as B and Q
        • FSC introduced rules to protect water, indeginous people and economic well-being of workers
        • planned felling with replanted
        • education used on how to make forests sustainable
      • impacts
        • expansion of fairly paid jobs in forestry
        • Worlds largest share of natural tropical forests
        • " million Ha certified under FSC rules (25%)
        • exports now at 10million a year
        • local economic development including ecotourism
        • increased habitat protection and endagered species
        • investment in community Eg health services


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