commercial biotechnology

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  • commercial biotechnology
    • fermenter
      • pressure vents reduce gas build up
      • air inlet provides sterile air and oxygen for respiration
      • mixing blades make collisions more likely
      • water jacket allows circulation of water around fermenter to regulate temp
      • outlet tap for draining fermenter
      • motor rotates the blades to mix the culture evenly
      • inlet for the addition of nutrients
      • electronic probes for measuring levels, pH, nutrients, oxygen
      • air outlet bubbles water through mixture
    • Conditions
      • temperature: too hot denature, too cold growth too slow
      • type and time of nutrients added manipulates primary or secondary metabolites
      • lack of oxygen will lead to unwanted products from anaerobic respiration
      • changes in pH can reduce enzyme activity and therefore growth rates
    • cultures
      • batch
        • nutrient levels decline with time
        • easy to set up and maintain
        • if contamination occurs only one batch is lost
        • for secondary metabolites
      • continuous
        • nutrients constantly added
        • set up is harder
        • contamination causes huge loss
        • for primary metabolites
    • asepsis
      • asepsis is the absence of unwanted organisms
        • unwanted microorganisms compete for space, reduce yield, cause spoilage, produce toxic chemicals,
      • laboratory (small scale)
        • apparatus sterilised, carried out in fume cupboard, cultures kept closed
      • large scale
        • washing and sterilising equipment and pipes
        • stainless steel surfaces which is polished so things cant stick
        • sterilising nutrient media
        • fine filtering inlet pipes


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