Cominform, Comecon and NATO

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  • Cominform, Comecon and NATO
    • Cominform
      • Stood for Communist Information Bureau - set up in 1947
      • Organised all communist parties in Europe and arranged their leadership
      • Got rid of any opposition to the Soviet's control in satellite states
      • Encouraged communist parties in Eastern Europe to block Marshall Plan assistance
    • Comecon
      • Stood for the Council for Mutual Economic Assistance - set up in 1949
      • Soviet version of Marshall Plan
      • Built up trade links between Comecon countries
      • Prevented Comecon countries signing up to the Marshall Plan
      • Comecon included the Soviet Union, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Albania and from 1950, the German Democratic Republic (E. Germany)
    • North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO)
      • Set up in 1949
      • Military alliance made up of US, Britain, Canada, Holland, Belgium, France, Denmark, and Norway. W. Germany joined in 1955
      • Based around the principle of collective security; if one country was attacked, other countries had to assist
      • Directed against a possible attack from Soviet Union on Western Europe
    • Significance of NATO
      • Showed that neither the US not Western Europe were prepared to accept Soviet aggression
      • Soviet Union therefore turned to strengthening control over Eastern Europe, resulting in formation of Warsaw Pact (1955)
      • Now two military alliances (NATO and Warsaw pact) facing each other across the Iron Curtain


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