Cominform and Comecon

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  • Cominform and Comecon
    • Cominform, 1947-1956
      • Communist Information Bureau
      • propaganda to prevent communist countries being lured away by US's dollar diplomacy
      • Tried to keep France and Italy onside but failed
      • Yugoslavia was the most enthusiastic participant until the rift between Tito and Stalin
        • Yugoslavia was expelled in 1948
    • Comecon, 1949-1990s
      • Council of Mutual Economic Assisstance
      • Initial members were the eastern Bloc countries
        • later, Mongolia, Cuba and Vietnam joined
      • No regional cooperation - relations between members and the USSR
        • Countries provided an outlet for Soviet manufacturer and a supply of raw goods
      • socialist economic planning was applied - the theory was that each country would specialize so they didn't have to rely on imports from outside the bloc
    • Significance of Cominform and Comecon
      • Marshall aid would have required trade with the west which would have impacted Soviet control
      • Cominform emphasised Soviet control of information, which made the West see the east as a solid bloc of communism to oppose
      • Comecon helped divide Europe into two competing economic blocs
      • These policies were a reaction to the USA - it was also used to justify the communist takeover of Czech-, tightening control of E. Europe, and the Berlin Blockade


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