Comedy in The Tempest

Comedy in The Tempest, please comment on more comedy in The Tempest!!!

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  • Comedy in 'The Tempest'
  • Caliban hides from Trinculo under a cloak assuming he is a spirit.
    • Comedy in 'The Tempest'
  • Caliban curses Trinculo as he thinks that he calling him liar when really it is Ariel.
    • Trinculo keeps moving away and they keep accusing him of speaking.
  • Trinculo makes jokes when he sees Caliban hiding.
    • He hides under the cloak when the storm begins again.
  • Stephano gives Caliban some alcohol while Caliban is freaking out. Caliban thinks he is a spirit not just a drunken butler.
    • Trinculo speak when under the cloak and Stephano is confused as the 'monster' had many legs and Trinculo's voice.n
      • Stephano pulls Trinculo out.




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