English GCSE - Come On, Come Back

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  • Come On, Come Back - Stevie Smith
    • What's it about?
      • Young female soldier who has returned from a battle at Austerlitz and lost her memory. She is distressed and jumps into a lake - she dies before an enemy soldier can kill her.
    • Form
      • Line lengths are a mixture of short and long which creates a conversation feeling. There is some random rhyme/half rhyme which makes the reader confused.
    • Structure
      • Told in chronological order and the last three lines link back to the battle creating a circular effect.
    • Repitition
      • Repeating the title song reminds the reader of everyone who has been killed.
    • Surreal language
      • Descriptive images and personification make the poem eerie
    • Past and future
      • References places associated with past wars. I suggests that the war and its casualties are timeless.
    • Impersonal attitude
      • The narrative voice is very impersonal. The reader might feel sad about her death.
    • Irony
      • Vaudevue and her enemy have the same favourite song.
    • Mystery
      • Mysterious elements like moonlight and pipe music
    • Comparisons
      • Sadness and loss - Futility, The Falling Leaves, Poppies; Death - Out of the Blue, Mametz Wood, Hawk Roosting.


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