combining fabrics and fibres

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  • combining fabrics and fibres
    • interfacing
      • can be stitches or laminated to other fabrics to reinforce, stiffen and give strength as well as preventing the fabric from stretching or sagging
      • e.g. Vilene
      • found in collars and cuffs
    • quilted fabrics
      • two or more laters sewn together
      • to give an attractive appearance
      • added warmth
    • Gore-tex
      • laminated to another fabric using adhesive or heat
      • used for all weather clothing and shoes
      • waterproof and breathable
    • kevalr
      • high strength
      • lightweith
      • flexible
      • fibre
      • used in bicycle tires
        • and
          • police bullet proof vests
          • high strength-to-weight ration
    • thinsulate
      • highly insulating but thin fabric
      • microfivres are fine and capture more air in less space
      • traps air between wearer and outside
      • machine washed and dry cleaned
      • breathable and water resistant
      • worn under a dry suit by scuba divers when diving in cold water
      • BLENDING
        • fibres mixed together at the spinning or spinneret stage
        • different fibres distributed throughout the fabric
        • polyester and cotton
      • MIXING
        • two different yarns are used during weaving process
        • nylon and wool and acrylic and wool
    • benefits of mixingres
      • improves fabric performance
      • reduced cost
      • different textures can be achieved
      • interesting colour effects due to different absorbencies


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