Unit 3: Combined Heat Power Stations

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  • Combined Heat Power Stations
    • Similar to general power station
      • Waste residual heat from steam generation used to heat water for homes/industry
    • Advantages
      • Lowers cost of electricity
      • Reduces reliance on fossil fuels
      • Lowers carbon dioxide emissions
      • High energy efficiency
      • Waste heat used
    • Disadvantages
      • Smaller scale CHP has a lower energy efficiency
      • Electricity and hot water demand must be simultaneous
      • High maintenance cost
    • Applications
      • When there's a requirement for space heating close to generator
      • Low temperature hot water heating for local schemes
      • Places that require low grade process heat
      • Places with a year round heat demand e.g. hospitals
      • Steam used for other industrial applications
      • When demand for heat balances demand for electricity
    • Biomass used in electricity generation


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