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  • Colosseum
    • Constructed in the 70sCE by Emperor Vespasian, opened in the Spring of 80CE, 
      • Known as the Flavian Amphitheatre
      • Largest in the Empire.
    • Dimensions
      • Circumference of 545 metres
      • 4 stories high reaching 57 metres
      • Arena was 86 by 54 metres
    • Construction
      • 80 entrances (4 for VIPs)
      • tickets allocated sections & rows
      • accessed through vomitoria similar to modern day stadiums
      • An awning covered 2 thirds of the spectators
      • Sand covered the arena, to soak up the blood
      • A metal fence ran around the arena stationed by archers to kill any animals that may escape
      • Underneath the arena was the hypogeum a network of tunnels , cages & lifts used to release animals through trap doors
      • The ancient writer Martial gives an early account of a sea battle in the flooded arena, this must have been before the construction of the hypogeum.
    • Seating
      • Seating capacity was 50 000
      • 1st tier :Senators sat closest to the arena on the podium on this level were the pulvinares or special boxes, north box for the Emperor, southern box for the Vestal  Virgins
      • 2nd tier: next tier sat the equites
      • 3rd tier: followed by the ordinary citizens
      • 4th tier: followed by the lowest in society – women slaves & poor.




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