Colombia, State terrorism

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  • Colombia, State Terrorism & FARC
    • FARC
      • An income of over £300 million, over 20,000 soldiers
      • 'Defends the peasants working in their territory, and exercises control and influence' (McDougall, 2009)
      • Builds schools, hospitals, collects taxes
      • Revenues from gold mining
    • Counter-Terrorism and govt response
      • (Zackrison, 2002) The issue is not seen as one of terrorism - society does not recognise/admit it exists. There is no overall counter terrorism strategy
      • One of the most brutal campaigns of state terror in the world (Raphael, 2010)
        • Responding to govts inability to provide security
        • Paramilitaries are in many ways a symptom of state-weajness, developing largely as a replacement (McDougall, 2009)
      • Negotiations, failed in 1980s and late 1990s
      • Peace Talks, President Uribe's tough line 2002-2010 - key FARC leaders captured/killed
        • 'Never before had a peace process made so much progress (FARC negotiator)
          • The Peace talks may not work, they have never been succesful
        • Will this only be a short-term solution
      • Small agenda vs large agenda
        • Small: Offering rebels amnesty and asking them in treurn to renounce plans of transformation
        • Large: Negotiations wrong, these outlaws must be repressed! (Pres. AYALA).
      • Ambivalent response, combining military and repressive measures with measures of negotiated reconciliation (Waldmann, P. (2007)


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