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  • Collectivisation
    • produce surplus grain to sell abroad, get money for 5 year plans
    • designed to make 5YP work
    • Bukharin came out against it so a ban on Factions was implemented and he was fired
    • uses excuses of Kulaks as enemies
    • makes out like Trotsky is plotting the fall of Russia
    • Kolkhoz= Collective farm - conglomeration of smaller farms, peasants given a surplus
    • Sovkhoz- state farm - created in the wilderness, peasants payed a set wage by the state
    • Benefits
      • economy of scale made thinks cheap
      • built schools and hospitals
    • what happened
      • Kulaks burnt down own houses and slaughtered animals, this ruined the economy for 30 years
      • mass geocide of Kulaks, scapegoated 7 million killed
        • sent to gulags to be 'white coal' slaves
      • tried to complain but 'Moscow doesn't believe in tears'


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