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  • Collecting Data
    • Subjective Data
      • This is reliant on personal opinions.
    • Objective Data
      • This is data that is based on the facts.
    • Different types of data
      • Primary
        • Data you use and have  collected yourself
      • Secondary
        • Data you use that someone else has collected
    • Statistical evidence options (Quantitative)
      • House prices
        • You can research average house prices for an area via
      • Crime data
        • You can use websites such as, to obtain police data on a map for your area.
      • Census data
        • This can give you everything from population data to deprivation indicators.
      • Environmental Quality Surveys (EQS)
        • Sometimes it is possible to identify factors about the environment that might contribute to peoples enjoyment or lack of satisfaction with an area.
    • Descriptive evidence options (Qualitative)
      • TV shows / films
      • Literature
        • Poems
        • Books
        • Plays
      • Paintings / photographs / postcards
      • Social Media
        • Twitter
      • News Coverage (eg. TV, radio, newspapers).
      • Music


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