Collecting data (1,2,3)

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  • Collecting data
    • Collecting data 2
      • Controlled experiments
        • Laboratory experiment
          • Conducted in  a controlled environment
          • Easy to replicate and you can  control extraneous variables such as changes in the weather
          • The thing you are testing may react differently in a controlled environment compared with real- life conditions
    • Collecting data 1
      • Data collection sheet (Tally chart)
    • Collecting data 3
      • Uncontrolled experiments
        • Field experiments
          • Carried out in  an everyday (uncontrolled)environment. The researcher sets up the situation and variables are controlled
          • More likely to reflect real- life  behaviour
          • Cannot control extraneous variables
        • Natural experiments
          • Carried out in an everyday uncontrolled environment. The researcher has no control over the variables
          • More likely to reflect real- life behaviour
          • Cannot control any extraneous variables; harder to replicate the study


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