collapse of czeckoslovakia

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  • collapse of czechoslovakia in march 1939
    • hitler inveded and occupied what was left of czechoslovakia
    • bohemia became german helpers, slovakia remained indepentdant  ruthenia was handed over to hungary
      • events meant end of appeasement and inevitability of war
        • britain and france rapidly rearming
      • Pact of steel may 1939
        • germany absorbing more land
          • april, germans nationalistic forces took power in spain
            • im may mussollini in vaded albania
              • britain thinking it could maybe cllaborate with the ussr
    • poland hitler looking westto baltic sea= military positioning following success in czechoslovakia
      • wanted danznig german town back
        • as result b and f 1st act of war , reduced arms and equipment to possible allies, not let invade their allies.


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