Collapse of the Empire (Part 2)

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  • Collapse of the Empire (Part II)
    • Condition of France (1815)
      • Bourbon monarchy restored but key gains of the revolution remained. Feudalism abolished, written constitution, civil code, concordat.
      • Years of war had devastating effect on FR, over 900,000 soldiers lost. Industries associated with the war effort, iron and textiles developed as did trade in EU. Inland areas prospered while maritime ports suffered.
    • Napoleon's Reputation
      • At St Helena he set about shaping his own reputation with his secretary. For some he remained a Corsican opportunist using FR for personal ambition.
      • Human cost of his wars, historians sometimes refer to battles as hecatombs, total death toll 5 million.
        • Other causes:
          • 1) FR search for security and power.
          • 2) Emergence of Russia as a European power.
          • 3) Rivalry between Austria and Prussia.
          • 4) Rivalry between Britain and France.
    • Napoleon's Legacy
      • Correlation between the size of his Empire and his endurance of his legacy. Napoleonic code guaranteed civil equality, concordat offered toleration to religious minorities, genarmerie provided law and order.
        • Did these changes BALANCE the human cost of war?
      • NB not a supporter of nationalism but utilised it and the map of EU changed forever.
      • NB impact on wider world, peninsular war took Spain's attention from its colonial empire, accelerated process of Latin American liberation. Egyptian campaing contributed to decline in Ottoman empire.


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