Collapse of the Empire (Part 1)

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  • Collapse of the Empire (Part I)
    • 1st Peace of Paris
      • Treaty negotiated by Talleyrand (NB's former foreign minister) FR would lost all territorial gains since 92, NB exiled to Elba and the coalition began to fall out. (BRIT and AUS make secret alliance against PRUS AND RUS)
    • 100 Days
      • NB thought he had opportunity to regain power. With 700 men he escaped and landed in FR, soldiers sent to arrest him joined and he advanced on Paris where the unpopular Louis XVIII escaped to Belgium.
        • NB gathered a new ary wanting to destroy British and Prussians in Belgium; he failed and defeated at Waterloo in 1815. Prussians under Blucher arrived to aid the British.
    • NB's Abdication and 2nd Treaty of Paris
      • NB wanted to continue the war but lacked political and popular support. Abdicates the 2nd time and the Brits take him to Saint Helena and FR would lose more territory back to 1790.
    • Treatment of FR by the Vienna Settlement
      • Some places things went forward, others backward. Key aim to surround FR by strong neighbours.
        • Belgium united with Holland (NORTH), Spain returned to Bourbon rulers (SOUTH), Swiss independence.Strengthened kingdom of Sardinia. German Confederation created (NORTH/EAST) Italian states returned to Austrian influence, Pope had the papal states, Russia took most of Poland. EMPIRE LOST!
    • NB struggled to gather and equip a new army, FR was war weary, finances strained, want for peace.
      • NB resisted offers of negotiation and went on to win a number of small victories, unable to stop superior army of the 6th coalition. Lost political support of the Senate and by 1814 Paris was occupied, Bourbon monarchy restored.


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