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  • Collagen
    • A type of protein.
      • A great tensile strength
    • More than 25 types of collagen that naturally occur in the body.
      • The most plentiful proteins present
        • In mammals and human bodies
    • 25% of the total proteins in the body are made up of collagen.
      • Can be found on the inside and outside out the cell
        • important to contributing to the external structure of the cell
    • works hand-in-hand with elastin
      • collagen provides firmness and strength to body tissues
        • Elastin provides flexibility
    • Collagen comprises a family of genetically distinct molecules
      • Triple helix configuration
      • Three polypeptide subunits knows as alpha chains
      • each contains 1,000 amino acids
        • in the sequence Glycine, Proline, hydroxyproline
  • It connects and supports other bodily tissues.
    • cartilage
    • Supports vital internal organs
      • Present in teeth
  • skin
  • bones
    • tendons
      • muscles



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