Cold war in Africa essay

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  • Cold war in Africa essay
    • The cold war gets hot in Africa when the superpowers want it to. Structural Realism
      • Cold war: Colonialism by other means?
      • It gets hot during the d'ente
    • Africa affects what happens in the cold war. (Agency)
      • Westad - it's not all an epiphenomenon. Cold war allowed leaders to play cold war powers off against each other
      • Clapham: Bi-polairity gave Africans freedom. Superpower actions fuelled by African agenda
      • Elites framed their own agenda
      • Ethipian revolution - managed to convince soviets to get involved
    • Was the cold war productive for Africa?
      • Clapham: Strategic extraversion.
      • Megnistu: manipulated international patrons
    • Or does the CW reveal the weakness of Africa: Fragile state open to manipulation?
      • CW powers quickly lost interest. Abandoned places e.g Angola/Mozambique
      • Reveals the negative sovereignty, but gives the illusion of genuine sovereignty.


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