The Cold war 1945-1963

the first part of the cold war 1945-1963

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  • The Cold war 1945-1963
    • Berlin
      • Blockade - Stalin cuts of all supplys to west Berlin in May 1948
      • Stalin ends blocade in 1949, after the Berlin airlift
        • The Airlift - Usa and Briatain fly food in to supply West Berlin they do this for 11 months. It was the longest airlit in history. On average planes landed every 3 minutes
      • After the blockade, 2 million east Germans leave to go to the west and as the east economies about to colapse, the soviets build the Berlin wall which stands for 28 years.
    • Cuba
      • In 1959 the communist Fidel Castro seized power in Cuba. Cuba was 90 miles away from America, so the US were worried
      • In 1961 some Cubanss didn't like Castro so they asked America for help. America then helped these Cubans invade cuba this was called the Bay of Pigs. The invasion was a failure because america backed out. Kennedy was caled soft on communism.
      • In 1963 the USSR started to place missiles on Cuba and Kennedy set up excomm to deccide what todo about the missiles. In the end 13 days in October was part of the Cuban crisis as the events lasted for 13 days. Khrushcev and Kennedy worked hard to prevent nuclear war


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